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11515 Sheridan Lake Road
Rapid City, South Dakota 57702

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Welcome to Willow Springs Fiber Arts Studio

grandma in ww1In addition to having a Bed and Breakfast, Willow Springs also has yarn... and felt... and fiber too!

Working with fiber of any sort makes me happy, always has and I am guessing it always will. At my studio I dye fiber to later be used in felted pieces. I can walk right out my studio door and pick plants to use in my dye baths or use commercial dyes depending on the look I am after. maggie maytagFelt is a magical thing, take a little fiber, a little soap and a whole lot of rolling - in the end you have fabric or a felted form. It's simply magical!

I use an old wringer washing machine to full my knitted projects. Her name is Ms Maggie Maytag and she is great fun to use.

I have been knitting since I was a little girl. My Grandmother knit, she knit socks for the WWI soldiers. The love of fiber and the craft of knitting has gone back many generations.

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If you would like to learn to knit, felt or even dye yarn – please contact me. I teach classes from time to time and would be happy to have you.

I also sell yarn, some commercial and some hand dyed. All natural fibers, different weights and many beautiful colors. I stock ready to dye yarn which is just luscious to work with.

If you are a B & B Guest and would like to visit the studio, let me know and we'll walk over. There are items for sale that you might be interested in. Who knows maybe you'd be interested in taking a class!

If you are a passer by and would like to sit-a-while and chat about fiber arts, purchase yarns or just take a peak PLEASE CALL FIRST, as I would hate to miss you.